Tribal Energy Sovereignty

Tribal Energy

BioSafe Technologies ensure the inherent right of tribes to express sovereignty over their energy consumption, production and distribution.

We help you understand your RIGHTS as commercial facilities to take control of your energy consumption and utility spend. By doing an energy audit, understnading the opportunities, implemenation of HVAC controls and renewable integration, we help you establish greater control over your energy future.



What Does Energy Sovereignty Look Like?

  • Establish a Tribal Utility Authority (TUA)
  • Demand Management
  • Energy Conservation
  • Renewable Integration
  • Utility Metering/Billing
  • Energy Independence
  • Billing Management
  • Air Quality Management

Energy-Independent Environments

At BioSafe Technologies, we are driven by the ambition to empower businesses with energy independence and sovereignty while enhancing the well-being of families, students, customers, employees, and the environment. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, originally developed for space exploration, we actively combat pathogens in the air and on surfaces to create healthier and safer indoor spaces.

Our commitment to fostering energy-independent environments transcends the present moment, as it is founded upon decades of rigorous laboratory testing and continuous refinement of our devices. We stand on the unwavering dedication of generations within our family, who have been deeply invested in promoting energy sovereignty and pathogen-free environments. In doing so, we contribute to a more sustainable future and a cleaner world for all.

Industries We Serve

Enhance the well-being of families, students, customers, employees, and the environment by revolutionizing indoor air quality and surface hygiene. we work in a wide range of industries including the following:

Tribal Governments

Native American Casinos

Tribal Healthcare Facilities




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